About SpreeGoogs

What is SpreeGoogs? It’s exactly what you think it is — a sports blog written primarily as an homage to the perfect combination of all skills basketball expressed as a 2-man team of Latrell Sprewell and Tom Gugliotta in the 1994 classic NBA JAM: Tournament Edition. More accurately, it’s about sports and how thinly the analogies between sports and other topics such TV shows, movies and video games can be stretched to provoke the imagination and sometimes allude to the 1990s.

In no special order here are some things that SpreeGoogs stands for:

get used to seeing this face

Get used to seeing plenty of this face

1. Todd MacCulloch as the undisputed greatest man to do anything, sports included
2. NBA JAM: Tournament edition (for the SNES) from 1994 as the definitive NBA JAM
3. Everything that could have ever happened already happened in the ’90s and is only now happening again
4. Sample Size
5. Stories/opinions you won’t find on others sites with real reporters and resources
6. Moira “Mo” Quirk as the only official who never got a call wrong
7. We know what the tone of this blog is and you should too
8. Blogger/reader interaction
9. Altering existing content to create new content that fits our editorial better
10. Sports is a topic about which two or more reasonably intelligent people can disagree without either being wrong; and the data can back them both up
11. Lists of  things, particularly in groups of 11

Things SpreeGoogs does NOT stand for:

1. Brevity