Casting the 2014 Monstars for Space Jam 2: Part 3

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Welcome to part 3 of our selection show where we identify the NBA players most primed to have their basketball talent sucked out of their bodies by tiny little aliens who need it to win a basketball game against Bugs Bunny and the Toon Squad.

We fittingly saw Lebron James have a career-best 61 points this week in a game, so maybe he’s proven everything he needs to prove in the NBA and will be ready to join Bugs and the gang soon. (That said, I still would have rather seen Kobe cast for the main character in this remake. On this the 20th anniversary of the beginning of Michael Jordan’s baseball career, its hard to imagine this movie being made with a player that was still in the NBA, because wouldn’t the Monstars just have stolen the talent from Lebron instead? Or maybe I’m taking this too literally? Probably.)

Turning our attention to the 3rd member of the Monstars squad to join Carmelo Anthony and Nate Robinson, it’s time to start getting into the big guys on the squad.

Charles Barkley was undoubtedly the best player of the 5 to have his powers taken away by the aliens in the original movie, so we’ll need someone who is an all-NBA player to take his spot. With apologies to Chris Bosh, whose resemblance to an alien in his current state makes me afraid see what he would have looked like as a Monstar, our third team member will most definitely be Blake Griffin.

Blake Monstar

Was seen leaving the planet in a Kia Spaceship

Blake has shown he has no problem appearing on screen and being a Hollywood star, whether it’s as the star of Kia commercials or as the lead character of the Berenstain Bears, so I suspect he would accept this role in a second if offered to him.

Barkley spent most of the early ’90s among the NBA leaders in rebounding, so naturally his Monstar Pound had no rebounds at all in the game (nor did anyone else on the floor). But he did have 37 points to lead the team in scoring. Comparing stats does us little good here, but Barkley’s character had 11 dunks in this game and Blake is the biggest dunkaholic in the game today, which makes him a natural fit.

Would you pick Blake for this role as well? Leave feedback in the comments and stay tuned for our 4th and 5th team members to come later this week!