How I Met Juan Pablo Galavis, ABC’s Capital-B Bachelor (with photos)

I’ve posted about it this before, but in addition to contributing to this blog, I also do a podcast with my girlfriend about the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise called 25 to Life. That’s where this post starts: I am one of the probably <5% of men who watches that show. Even more, I am so interested in it that I can find about 45 minutes of talking points for every week’s show.

More background: I work for a company called Yammer, that operates in downtown San Francisco in the same building as Twitter. My part of the office is extremely dedicated to watching and discussing the Bachelor. However intense the obsession is in your imagination, double or triple that and you’ll get the reality of it.

Fast forward to last Friday. One of my co-workers saw a Tweet from this year’s Bachelor (Juan Pablo Galavis) that said he would be touring some San Francisco social companies: Facebook, Jawbone, Twitter, etc. It was an emotional moment for us all to know that Juan Pablo would be inside the same four walls as us. This is when the idea started hatching.

One of my co-workers Tweeted  him a picture of our Bachelor Big Board to try to convince him to come visit our office. Here’s what she sent (including a picture of the Big Board):

@Belindaw Tweet to Juan Pablo Galavis

Then some other people piled on:

@HeatherLuntz tweet at Juan Pablo Galavis

@Msnapper tweet at Juan Pablo Galavis

After that, it all happened so fast. Somewhere in the process of leaving the building, he and his people made a stop on our floor. Before I knew what was going on, he was taking a picture with everyone in front of our Big Board.

Juan Pablo Galavis at Yammer

I walked in on this photo taking place and he was nice enough to take a picture with just me (some promotional material for my podcast):

Adam Bonefeste and Juan Pablo Galavis

He even Tweeted a picture of himself with our Big Board:

Juan Pablo with Yammer's Big Board

It was a crazy experience. I have a lot of feelings about meeting Juan Pablo. After I got off work, I went home and recorded about 10 minutes of uncontrollable gushing about it.

You can hear everything about it in the podcast below (starting around 1:40 in):

If you want to know what he was like, put your questions in the comments and I’ll get back to you.