The Hilarity of Matt Schaub

I find myself gravitating towards subjects that signify a crossroads in someone’s career. For example, a couple weeks ago I found myself writing about Kerry Rhodes and his football career as we knew it (read here). This time, however, I’m going to focus on someone that has been the topic of many after this last weekend: Matt Schaub.


Dude, where’s my career?

Matt Schaub is now in his tenth season as an NFL quarterback, and has been playing with the Texans since the 2007 season. He holds every passing record in Texans franchise history, including highest passer rating, most passing yards in a season, and most career wins. The team have even renewed his contract and drafted a couple of choice receivers to help him out. This all sounds well and good, right?


This season, Schaub has been dropping the ball consecutively. Well, more like throwing the ball to the wrong guy. Although he holds all of these franchise records, they are for the Texans. That’s kind of like playing tennis with the net down. He now also holds the record for more consecutive games in which he has thrown an interception returned for a touchdown. Four games in a row.

The irony of this is that I was having some fun watching the game this last weekend in my living room when Chris Berman decided to highlight the fact that he was tied for this very record. The next play that was televised showed Schaub throwing an interception right into the hands of a willing 49er. That ball ended up in the end zone to earn him the record.

Although tomorrow the Texans play one of my favorite teams, the Rams, I’m really rooting for Matt Schaub tomorrow. It might be the game that makes or breaks the rest of his career. Please join me in wanting the underdog to succeed!