Who Really Cares About Kerry Rhodes?


Just being buds!

The title really says it all, despite the pun that had to be made. Kerry Rhodes has become inexplicably popular within the past couple of months due to all of the controversy (if you could call it that) he continues to be a part of. His sexuality, raw talent, and public image have all been under scrutiny as of late, not to mention that he might have more paparazzi chasing him them Lady Gaga does. For those of you who don’t get that, Rhodes was the Police Officer in her music video for the song Paparazzi. Now back to sports…

After a great college career at the University of Louisville earning All American honors as a senior, he was drafted in the first round by the Jets for his proclivity as a safety. Since, he has garnered much respect by critics, even being included in “Best Of” lists on multiple occasions. He always happened to be one of those players, however, who fell off everyone’s map once he went to a loosing team (the Cardinals) even after posting admirable stats. I’m guessing due to his fairly large contract that Arizona may not have been able to renew it, but he was released in March of this year.


Guys like this play football?

Since March, let’s take a look at what the haps has been with him. First of all, there was a picture released of him and a man who was said to be Rhodes’ manager that showed a possible intimate connection between the two. The manager was known to be gay to some sources, but the credibility of these may or may not be questionable. Now in the latest news, he has demanded his contract be for one year at $3 million. Only the Bengals were mildly interested, but he would only start the cycle again of being on a team underneath his league. And plus, they don’t need another flashy guy, Ochocinco was enough.

Rhodes has been quoted as saying that he doesn’t like football much anymore anyways. Why would he want $3 mil then? I would only want that kind of money if I knew I was really good at something and was worth the price. Then again, who knows. This could truly be the case, but he may also feel that his calling is really at Chippendale’s instead.

People say that he isn’t getting a contract because the NFL is inherently homophobic. Come on guys, we all know that isn’t true. Conspiracy theories have no place here at all. And let’s also remember that this league needs to just focus on the sport and not this malarkey. Kerry Rhodes has been a great football player. But we can focus on the two words of that sentence that embody why nobody should be caring about this: has been.