The Importance of a Safety

Most people take the scores of football games for granted. We’ve gotten used to their increments, and that they usually never deviate much from certain numbers. Well lucky for us, the first week of the NFL season provided much surprise for us in this respect. As I watched a couple of games, namely the Titans and Steelers , I was so glad to see my favorite part of football repeated over and over in the first weekend: the safety.Safety

In most sports like football and tennis, the scoring increments are set to only a few different numbers, such as 2, 3, or 15. There is also only one place in which you can score in these games, like a hoop in basketball or the court in tennis. In football, not only can you score in multiple places, but you can score in multiple ways within these places as well. The end zone in football can yield a score in three different ways, with a touch down, two point conversion, and as previously stated, a safety.

What’s the importance of a safety though? Well, it might be the best motivational tool to a team who is either struggling, on the cusp of getting ahead, or even far ahead. Huddles, grab-ass, and yelling can really only do so much to get a player’s juices going in this day in age. Safeties help to encourage a team with the extra treat of two points towards an effort to get back in the game.

Safeties can also set apart a defense as a force to be reckoned with. I would dare say that the biggest stat I look at in a defense for fantasy football would be their number of safeties they’ve converted. Who really cares about yards allowed or interceptions? These are only mildly important in comparison. Unfortunately, most people glaze over the safeties column and onto “bigger and better things.”

And really, the only thing I like more than a safety is a safety that is made by the help of a safety.  I can only think that this has happened a handful of times in the history of the NFL, that a strong or free safety has made it up to the line to make the tackle in the end zone. Sadly, there are no quantifiable statistics that could conclusively help to support the one in a million spectacle that this would be.

So with the opening weekend having four different safeties scored in four different games, let’s just say I think it has been the best opening weekend of football since… well, let’s just say the 90’s.