These 8-bit drawings of NBA players are straight out of the 1990s, almost too awesome

We saw this and immediately fell in love.

Take a look at the below 8-bit drawings of the best 5 players from each NBA team. It has a very vintage NBA Jam feeling to it, and you know how we feel about NBA Jam.

Some of the teams are really easy to figure out, like the Lakers (there’s only one purple and gold team in the league), Rockets (Harden’s gigantic beard) and Knicks (Carmelo’s orange headband). But others are anybody’s best guess, partly because teams like the Bobcats have no easily recognizable players.

My only complaint is that Tim Duncan is smiling and not doing the Duncan Face.

The original poster - Top 5 NBA Players from all 30 teams

H/T Imgur. And special shout-out to our friend Lutzky for the tip.