The Mightiest Duck: A SpreeGoogs Community Power Rankings Experiment

Maybe the most important reason I started SpreeGoogs more than two years ago was to build my own mock drafts and power rankings. Most of the time that involves a bunch of football or basketball players that most of the people on this blog don’t care about. I just want to do it for me because I love that type of thing.

In my preparation for last week’s NBA mock draft, I had something that I consider a minor revelation: We don’t only have to mock draft real sports, we can rank other things/people. Mocking is a hypothetical exercise, why not make one about hypothetical ’90s personalities? And that’s where this idea came: In a power rankings of all of the Mighty Ducks, who is No. 3?

I threw that question out on Twitter and Facebook to gauge interest last week and found out that this is something people have a lot to say about. I didn’t see much arguing about the top two Ducks, but there’s a lot of ideas after that. In the interest of getting it all out there, I want to conduct a social experiment to find out what you the people determine to be the definitive pecking order of Mighty Duck importance. So that’s what we’re going to do.

Mightiest Ducksperiment

Before you submit your personal rankings, here are a few things to guidelines:

  • This is a power ranking, not a mock draft. That means that you are simply listing players from best to worst. Feel free to include considerations for position, attitude, injury risk, etc., but you don’t necessarily need a certain number of forwards, defensemen, goalies and the like. Just start with the best and go to the worst.
  • Mighty Ducks team members from all three movies are to be included. No coaches (Bombay), inspirational figures (Hans) or other tangential characters. The list I pulled came from the complete Wikipedia roster.
  • Consider hockey ability. Consider personality. Consider how that Duck affects the group dynamic. Consider how they made you feel during the movies. Consider it all, and weight the different considerations however you feel appropriate.
  • Rank all the players from 1-19, but at the end, I’ll be using the data to build a Top 11 list. The eight Ducks who don’t make it will be listed out in order afterward, but this blog stands for ranking the Top 11 of things and that’s what we’ll do in depth with lots of community voice.
  • This thing really does get better with more people, so it’s important that you spread the word.

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Please take some time to do submit your rankings. Then come back here to talk about it in the comments section.