Danny Green shoots 3s very well and more random analysis of the NBA Finals

One of the reasons that I hadn’t written on the NBA Finals until now was because it has been so seesaw. Game 1 was really competitive, Game 2 was a Heat blowout, Game 3 was a Spurs blowout, and Game 4 last night was a Heat blowout. If you try to write an overarching story about the whole thing, you end up eating your words two days later. Like the guys who have written these things in recent days:

This shot is probably going in.

This shot is probably going in.

– “The cast of characters has changed, but the result has not. The Spurs have found the antidote to LeBron.” (CBS Sports)

– “The story is simple: Slowly, surely, San Antonio is gaining a grip on him (LeBron), reducing him to something out of his most vulnerable playoff past. Unsure, unaggressive and ultimately unacceptable.” (Yahoo)

Obviously, Game 4 happened. Now the comments are going to be along the lines of “The Spurs are getting old (especially Manu!),” “The Heat are too good,” blah, blah, blah.

Onto some more entertaining analysis of the NBA Finals:

1. Danny Green should open a 3-point shooting clinic during the offseason.

Can you imagine how much money he would make from basketball-loving moms in the San  Antonio area looking to get their boys involved in athletics? All he would have to say would be “I made 19-28 3-pointers in Games 1-4 – your son can, too” and he could charge at least $500 each for those suckers.

2. Tiago Splitter is getting packed by errbody.

It wasn’t enough that he was humiliated by LeBron in the block heard round the world from Game 2 (GIF below for your enjoyment). Then he got packed by Shane Battier and Dwyane Wade in Game 4. The dude’s going to be in therapy when the offseason is complete.

lebron james gif

3. How old is Gary Neal?

I honestly thought to myself that man, Gary Neal looks really old for being in his early 20s. Neal’s only been in the league for a few years, right? Did some research and he played a few years overseas (including leading the Turkish league in scoring) before being signed by the Spurs, so he’s actually in his late 20s. That makes more sense. I do have a theory, though, that when you’re on the Spurs, you automatically age a few years in your face and grow a few gray hairs because of the environment you’re in.

4. Since when did Boris Diaw get so wide?

I remember when he was with the Suns and he looked like this.

boris suns

Now he looks like this. Too many beers sitting by the pool in Miami, perhaps.

boris spurs

5. Norris Cole has a sweet haircut.

But you already knew that, right? So I don’t need to post a picture. But besides that, I think that he should be starting over Mario Chalmers.

6. People are searching for Tim Duncan facial expressions.

We’ve gotten more than a fair share of hits on our post The Many Faces of Tim Duncan each time a new Finals game airs. It’s a topic that’s obviously on everyone’s mind. That means we need to share the photo again:

We trust you're laughing right now at this.

We trust you’re laughing right now at this.

7. LeBron had a sweet Army sleeveless jacket on in his Game 4 press conference.

I couldn’t find a photo of it yet quite yet, but keep an eye out for it over the next few days. It was quite the outfit.

Looking forward to Game 5, and perhaps more important questions that will arise.