Marshawn Lynch videos to get you through the offseason

It’s right about this time every year where I start re-watching Marshawn Lynch videos on YouTube. It’s like clockwork, as when the draft is over I need to inject a little football in my life.

And there’s no better interview in all of sports than Marshawn Lynch. The man was born to be on camera. His hilarious one-liners and unique worldview make him good for a laugh every time you listen to him, but at the same time, his philosophies are so deep that they help shape how you approach the world. It doesn’t stop there. Even his terminology becomes part of your everyday vocabulary.

Watch one or more of the below. Several times. Guaranteed to change your life.

NFL Rookie Camp Interview
Summary: Where the legend of Beast Mode began.
One of the many key quotes: “Fast. Stupid fast.”

Summary: Interview with some kids at Bills training camp.
One of the many key quotes: “Stay in school. And don’t do drugs.”

Mayne Event Interview
Summary: Giving Kenny Mayne of ESPN a tour of Buffalo.
One of the many key quotes: “Can’t decide which I like better: the ambiance, or the decor.”

Anatomy of Beast Mode
Summary: Breaking down his incredible run against the Saints with NFL Films.
One of the many key quotes: “I was like uh oh, might be trouble.”

Going to Sizzler
Summary: Praising his O-line after a high school game.

Riding the cart
Summary: The title pretty much says it all.

Any other Marshawn videos that I need to see right now? Post a link in the comments.