My mixed emotions on Carrie Underwood replacing Faith Hill

My love of Carrie Underwood has been semi-documented on SpreeGoogs. I mentioned in my post a few of the cool things about hockey that one of the all-time coups in the history of sports WAGs was when Mike Fisher put a ring on it. Props, Mike.

Carrie is also the subject of one of my wife’s favorite stories about me. It goes like this: there was one time where I told her that Carrie is a “really nice person.” I’ve never met Carrie, so I have no idea if she is a really nice person or not. Claiming she is a really nice person is basically code for saying that she is smoking hot, but phrasing it in a way that it doesn’t make my wife jealous. Genius, right?

They are both really nice people.

They are both really nice people.

My wife predicted a few weeks ago that Carrie Underwood was going to be the next Sunday Night Football singer once Faith Hill announced she was stepping down. And she texted me as soon as she got the official news from ESPN because she knew I would be excited. I was ecstatic, don’t get me wrong. But a weird feeling about the whole situation has set in over the past couple of days.

While Carrie is the only person who can possibly replace Faith, and she rightfully was the only person even considered for the job, can she really fill Faith’s shoes? Or the more pressing question: can her legs make America drool like Faith’s can?

I did some legitimate research on the topic and it looks like she’ll be just fine, as there a bunch of articles about “how to get legs like Carrie Underwood.” (Side note: can’t believe I just linked to Now that we have that out of the way, we can turn to other pressing matters.

One of the other concerns I have is that Faith Hill is Sunday Night Football. More than Al Michaels, Cris Collinsworth or Dan Patrick. When I picture the spectacle, I picture Faith prancing around my television screen, somehow getting me pumped for the crappy NFC East game between the Eagles and Cowboys that is about to ensue. The next week, Faith would do same thing before the crappy NFC East game between the Giants and Redskins, changing the words ever so slightly in that one part that is customized each week.

I don’t know how she did it. Maybe it was because once she came on, you knew that it was  go time. That hour you waited between the end of the afternoon game and the beginning of the Sunday night game was finally over. You didn’t have to watch replays of touchdowns you had already seen five times anymore. Maybe it was because Faith is just so American, truly a sweetheart in every way. Or maybe it was just the legs.

Whatever it was, it is going to make it hard to move on for a little while. I’m wishing Carrie the best, though, because she is a really nice person and a great talent. I have a feeling we’ll know right away if she can fill Faith’s shoes, as I am going to need her to help me get excited for you guessed it, a crappy NFC East between the Cowboys and Giants to start the SNF season.