The Many Faces of Tim Duncan

While I was watching the Lakers-Spurs series (which was the equivalent of a varsity basketball team going against the JV squad), I was reminded of how awesome Tim Duncan’s facial expressions are. Or facial expression (singular).

You know the one I am talking about. The blank, open-mouth stare at the referee after he makes a call that Tim disagrees with. The only time I see the big guy make any sort of emotion whatsoever.

I ran the “Many Faces of Tim Duncan” post title by SpreeGoogs and he immediately caught on to its irony. He also graciously offered to create a collage of Duncan photos to illustrate my point, Brady Bunch-style. Give him some props in the comments.

We trust you're laughing right now at this.

We trust you’re laughing right now.

Consider this our tribute to the best power forward of all-time. We can’t be too forthright in our praise given our the nature of our editorial, so we had to throw in our trademark sarcasm. But the dude really is amazing, even at 37. Alright, enough mush: everyone do the Duncan!

Do the Duncan!

Do the Duncan!