A Few Quick Thoughts on Jason Collins

Jason Collins. Bravo, sir, for being a true pioneer. A few quick thoughts:

Image via SI.com

Image via SI.com

1. He chose the right vehicle to announce the decision. Doing an exclusive with Sports Illustrated and being able to control the delivery was genius; if he had chosen to do it by press conference it would have been a mad house.

2. He’s very well-written, and I rather enjoyed reading his article. A great lesson to young athletes about the importance of education (especially a Stanford one).

3. He might have earned himself another job next year. Who knows if a 34-year old aging free agent center would have been on the radar of many teams. He could be now, considering a team might want to reap the PR benefits of being inclusive enough to sign him.

4. Kudos to the athletes like Kobe Bryant and Martina Navratilova who have expressed their support for him.

5. Shame on Dolphins WR Mike Wallace for his “All these beautiful women in the [world] and guys wanna mess with other guys SMH…” tweet yesterday. That tweet should not be tolerated ever, let alone yesterday, so I’m almost glad that he had such bad timing and received even more backlash. Good luck to the Dolphins PR team.

6. Can Chris Broussard officially be fired now? It’s been a long time coming for many other reasons, but this should be the cherry on top for ESPN.

7. Crazy to think that Brittany Griner came out a few weeks ago and we didn’t care that much.  I get that we have had gay WNBA players before so it’s not as big of a deal theoretically, but definitely fascinating to look at the difference in awareness and interest.

8. Jason Collins became the first athlete to officially overshadow any kind of Tim Tebow news. I thought that feat was impossible. But I realized this morning that I hadn’t even seen the news of the Jets cutting him until now, partly due to the attention given to Collins’ coming out. Thank you, Jason, for giving us something meaningful to talk about this week.