There is a guy in the NFL draft that is 6’10 and weighs 388 pounds

Terrell Brown is easy to pick out of a crowd

Terrell Brown is easy to pick out of a crowd.

That headline is not a typo, folks.

Terrell Brown of Ole Miss is a very large human being. He stands 6’10, weighs in at 388 pounds, and Gil Brandt of wrote that he might just be the biggest football player he has ever seen.

Surely he would be a first round prospect with that size, right? Unfortunately not. From what I gather, apparently being so tall makes it hard for Brown to get low enough to properly leverage his size in the trenches. That led to him only playing in two games in his senior season.

But being so large means that there is going to be at least a little bit of interest in him from NFL scouts, perhaps as a seventh round pick or maybe as an undrafted free agent.

And you can imagine why. Can’t you picture Brown on kick blocking teams? Or on pass rushing downs with his arms in a quarterback’s throwing lanes? Of course you can, because his arms are 38 inches long and his wingspan is 92 inches.

I wish that he had been invited to the draft so that he could have taken a picture with Roger Goodell at the podium if/when he is selected. That would have been awesome.