If you want to win some money in your tournament bracket, don’t follow Seth Davis’ advice

So I just won almost $600 by filling out the same March Madness bracket in two separate pools. How am I so awesome, do you ask?

seth davis

Wipe that smile off your face, bro

I didn’t read any of SI.com writer Seth Davis’ NCAA predictions.

I was determined to have a better showing in my brackets this year than the last time I played, in 2011. Being a bona fide expert in the sports-writing world, I needed to regain some of the swagger I had filling out brackets when I was watching every basketball game on TV at the age of 17.

And I remembered how much Davis screwed me over in 2011. Granted, that year wasn’t kind to anyone’s bracket, as No. 3 UConn, No. 4 Kentucky, No. 8 Butler and No. 11 VCU comprised the Final Four. But even then, with many of the picks in the earlier rounds, Davis led me astray.

This year I turned to Luke Winn, also of SI.com. He made an excellent point that the last 10 champions have ranked in the top 20 both offensively and defensively. Louisville was No. 1 in defense and No. 15 on offense. Sold.

He also nailed 4 out of his 5 teams that he didn’t like all that much: Miami, Kansas, Georgetown, Gonzaga (all which didn’t make it past the Sweet Sixteen), with his lone misfire being Michigan. But he did predict that Michigan would not only avoid being upset int the first round by South Dakota State, a match-up that many liked, but also called them beating Kansas in the Sweet Sixteen. Check out his bracket here and compare it with the final.

Meanwhile Davis was once again somewhat of a choke artist, picking New Mexico to head to the Final Four (they lost to Harvard in the first round), Miami to the Final Four (they lost in the Sweet Sixteen) and Georgetown to the Elite Eight (they were upset by Florida Gulf Coast in the first round). He also picked Final Four rep Syracuse to lose in the first round to Montana (they destroyed them 81-34) and UCLA to beat Minnesota. Seth should have called me, as being a Bruins fan I could have told him they had no chance to win that game.

A friendly PSA for when you are studying and filling our your brackets next year. Go for the win. Err, Winn.