Finally, an Undefeated Non-Major-Conference Team Worth Sacrificing to the SEC Champ

With the college football season coming to an end, it’s time to hold our breaths and stare straight into the ugly face of the inevitable – Notre Dame is going to play for this year’s national championship game.

Sorry Rudy, Alabama’s garbage time scrubs are drooling at the chance of kicking your 130-pound ass with extreme prejudice. Hope you started praying already.

Sure, there’s still a matchup with USC, but Matt Barkley won’t be playing and this year’s Trojans (like all USC teams under Lane Kiffin) can’t win games against even moderately decent competition. There’s at least a 90% chance Notre Dame wins that game (which should be Kiffin’s last for USC), which would wrap up an undefeated season for ND.

None of the major conference teams that are eligible for postseason play (Go Buckeyes) (heavy sarcasm) have been able to stay unbeaten this season and the reality is that we’re just running out of teams to rank in front of the Irish.

I’m personally a huge Notre Dame hater. They don’t have to play tough teams in consecutive weeks, they hardly ever play on the road and they didn’t accept my dad when he applied almost 50 years ago, even though the man is incredibly Catholic. It’s traditionally shocking to me that anyone can say that Notre Dame’s opponents are good enough to get them a spot in a title game. Or any game of actual consequence.

But this year, it’s happening.

And this year, I’ll finally get something I’ve been wanting for a long time. Track with me…

For at least the most recent half-decade, the SEC has dominated college football. SEC teams have been winning BCS championships, dominating inter-conference play and consistently ranks the most teams in the top 25. It’s not even close. The SEC is miles better than any other conference.

Yet oddly, at the end of recent NCAA football seasons, there’s national uproar about which teams qualify to play in the championship game. Most of the time, people just hate admitting that the SEC is better than other conferences. That a one-loss SEC team is better than a one-loss team from the Big 10, the Big 12 or the Big East. That maybe the two best teams in the country do play in the same conference, maybe they’ve even played each other already.

As a defender of the BCS over a playoff, I think there’s definitely a way to look at the schedules and results and determine the two best teams in the country. Barring a surprise on Saturday, Notre Dame is unfortunately going to be one of those teams this year. It’s unbelievable, but it’s true. But there is the silver lining in this dark BCS cloud.

SEC fans better get their cheering out while it’s still football season, because those basketball teams are torture to watch.

Fear not, college football faithful, this is exactly what we’ve all been waiting for. This is the year that some poor team from outside the major conferences is going to square off with an SEC team and end the discussion about how valuable the undefeated non-majors are. Sorry to all the Boise State, Utah and TCU fans who have been left out in the past, but it doesn’t matter how many times you beat Air Force or UNLV, you aren’t one of the big boys. You just can’t possibly have the same resume as the major conference team, especially the SEC teams. That’s just the way it works.

This will be the year that the SEC champ (likely Georgia or Alabama) will maul the Irish and end this debate for good. We’ll finally get a chance to see what happens when the best of the best plays the best of the rest. Notre Dame will gallantly be thrown to the SEC wolves and slaughtered so thoroughly that we won’t even bother bringing up the question when Wyoming or Harvard goes undefeated.

This is exactly what we need to bring college football back to its senses. Sorry it has to be this way Notre Dame, but your timely demise will ultimately be good for everyone.

Is it fair to those mid-major and independent schools that they don’t have a chance to win the title each year even if they beat every team they play? No. Is it fair to SEC teams that they have to play teams full of NFL talent every week and get judged by the same win-loss records as the rest of the major conference teams at the end of the year? No.

Is it fair that Ohio State is undefeated and won’t be admitted to the postseason this year because of actions taken by other players and other coaches before this season even started? ABSOLUTELY.