America Wins Tacos, Giants Win World Series

Right now it’s about an hour after the Giants finished off the Tigers in the 2012 World Series and the fires are still blazing in the streets outside my apartment. It was the classic baseball postseason story of a team full of good players transforming into a super-team full pitchers who aren’t hittable, batters who always spot the holes and a defense made up entirely of temporary gold-glovers.

It was the perfect example of a team win. Which makes it almost unfair that only one person gets to take home the MVP award. Sure Pablo Sandoval hit a bunch of home runs in Game 1 and has been a force of nature for San Francisco during the postseason this year. But how “valuable” was he? This team caught something infectious and it didn’t matter who needed to make plays, the right Giant always stepped up. The hard part about picking an MVP in an obvious team effort like this it downplays the team fire, or whatever you want to call it.

I’m not sure who votes for the World Series MVP. The only thing I know for sure is that I don’t. But I do write this blog and while I’m at it, I’ll go ahead and put my name down for the Giants’ Angel Pagan.

Put aside the obvious oxymoronic love for him (which went underreported), and here’s what you get: a man who feeds America. Does he play good baseball? Yes. But does that really matter on Tuesday when I leave work and want a taco? No.

As you may know, Taco Bell offered to reward the country with a free Doritos Loco taco if a player stole a base in this year’s World Series. Pagan swiped second in Game 2 and became the first player in MLB history to feed the country delicious pseudo-Mexican fast food. Forget the obvious implication on hunger, and just think about the last time a pro athlete did something tangibly tasty for you.

For his contribution to the feeding of a nation staff and his general efforts in promoting the awareness of Dorito-inspired cuisine, the staff of SpreeGoogs officially recognizes Angel Pagan as the 2012 World Series MVP. While we’re at it, also the 2012 National League MVP.