Welcome to the Most Boring Day in Sports

For a sports fan, there is no worse day than the Wednesday after the MLB All-Star Game. That’s because there is literally nothing to watch that resembles an actual sporting event. There are no baseball games. No basketball games, since the NBA playoffs ended two weeks ago. Same thing goes for the NHL. And football still seems like a century away.

I’m not above digging deeper than the major sports for a little sporting action. But the problem continues. Wimbledon ended on Sunday. Golf is only played on the weekends. MLS is off until Saturday.

Take a look at ESPN’s primetime schedule for tonight.

The ESPYs, folks, the ESPYs. The awards show that was cool to watch for like one year. Now its a train wreck that no athlete actually wants to attend but all have to since they are handed an award and probably have to please some sort of sponsor.

The only actual sports games I could find scheduled for today were three WNBA games. San Antonio plays Chicago, Atlanta travels to Seattle and Washington visits Connecticut. Do I know the mascots of any of those teams? Can’t say that I do. And are the games on TV? Of course not.

Bud doesn’t smile much, but when he does, it’s because he is making the nation suffer through the home run derby

Deep down inside, Bud Selig loves this. For three days, his sport basically has the throne unchallenged. It means we have to watch reruns of the already way-too-long home run derby and like it. We have to watch a perennially disappointing All-Star game where the best players are no longer playing in the crucial final innings. And then the next day we have to long for baseball to return while digging through the depths of our Netflix accounts to find something decent to watch.

On that note, Goon just became available on Netflix. Just watched it, highly recommended.