One Year From Now, I’ll Call This “I Told You So”

Happy Draft Day everyone!

“You didn’t pick me? Can you hear the sound of the world’s tiniest violin…?”

I don’t’ know why this isn’t a national holiday. Fans get excited, prospects get excited, media get excited, some people get traded, some people get drafted, some teams get better, some teams get worse. There’s lots for everyone.

For draft junkies like me, every selection is just another chance to show the world that given the same footage and information about players, we can interpret it more correctly than anyone else. Our mock draft gave a proposed order to the draft picks, but I never really got around to just telling you who I think will be good and who I think will be bad. That’s what this post is for. In case we get to the end of the season and I’m looking for a reason to gloat, I want to have a formal list of players who will be better than expected and those that will underperform.

Without further ado:

11 NBA Draft prospects who will perform BETTER than their draft position:

1. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (top overall prospect)
2. Terrence Jones
3. Terrence Ross
4. Arnett Moultrie
5. Royce White
6. Will Barton
7. Kim English
8. John Jenkins
9. Miles Plumlee
10. Jae Crowder
11. Kevin Jones

7 NBA Draft prospects who will perform WORSE than their draft position:

1. Andrew Drummond
2. Damian Lillard
3. Tyler Zeller
4. Perry Jones III
5. Meyers Leonard
6. Marquis Teague
7. Evan Fournier