2012 SpreeGoogs NBA Mock Draft – Picks 15-22 (Plus Podcast)

Did you survive that podcast ambush yesterday? Well get back on your feet, because we have another two parts for you today. To see/hear the first two parts of this mock draft, click here and here. To listen to the third part, click that play button an inch or so north of here.

Quick mock draft recap:

1. New Orleans Hornets – Anthony Davis, Kentucky
2. Charlotte Bobcats – Michael-Kidd-Gilchrist, Kentucky
3. Washington Wizards – Bradley Beal, Florida
4. Cleveland Cavaliers – Harrison Barnes, UNC
5. Sacramento Kings – Andre Drummond, UConn
6. Portland Trailblazers – Damian Lillard, Weber State
7. Golden State Warriors – thomas robinson, kansas
8. Toronto Raptops – Jeremy Lamb, UConn
9. Detroit Pistons – Tyler Zeller, UNC
10. New Orleans Hornets – Austin Rivers, Duke
11. Portland Trailblazers – Dion Waiters, Syracuse
12. Milwaukee Bucks – Terrence Jones Kentucky
13. Phoenix Suns – Kendall Marshall, UNC
14. Houston Rockets – Marquis Teague, Kentucky

2012 SpreeGoogs NBA Mock Draft picks 15-22

15. Philadelphia 76ers – Jared Sullinger, PF, Ohio State

Jared Sullinger

Sullinger falling may be one of the big stories of this first round. His medical red flags make him a risk/reward chance that a lot of the early picks aren’t going to want. He’s talented, but committed to a position that he doesn’t have the size for. If there’s a team that can afford to take him, it’s the Sixers. This team isn’t looking for any starters and Sullinger could be a nice Big to work into the rotation. They aren’t going to get any better without taking a risk, and Sullinger is the perfect one for them.

16. Houston Rockets – Meyers Leonard, C, Illinois

Meyers Leonard

Leonard is the next in line to benefit from the shallow Center position; not just shallow in this draft, but shallow in the whole league. Teams seem stuck in a mindset that a good center is worth more than other positions and love drafting iffy college players with “potential.” Leonard has potential, but he doesn’t have the strength or skill set to play inside. He’s more of a Euro perimeter center with the size to play inside if he develops that game. Typically I love guys with two last names and hate guys with two first names, but this is a new one. Last name first, first name last. I just don’t see a reason to trust him.

17. Dallas Mavericks, John Henson, PF, UNC

John Henson

This pick is when we’re going to start seeing the depth of this year’s draft class. Henson is a lottery talent most year’s and is ready to be an NBA-level shot blocker today. The Mavs miss Tyson Chandler in he middle and need someone to step in and be the defensive stopped in the paint. His offense isn’t really ready for the pros yet, but there’s a good chance this team lands D-Will, and won’t need Henson to provide much there. If he lasts until 17, Henson’s a great pick by any team this late in the round.

18. Minnesota Timberwolves – Terrence Ross, SG, Washington

Terrence Ross

Ross is one of the elite shooters in this draft class and would fit the Wolves pretty nicely. Can you imagine an offense with Rubio to drive, Der-Will/Beasley to slash, KLove to crash the boards and Ross waiting for the kick in the corner? I’m excited about it. For a team picking at 18, the Wolves don’t need too much, and Ross gives them exactly what they lack. And lots of it.

19. Orlando Magic – Moe Harkless, SF, St. John’s

Moe Harkless

It’s hard to tell what the Magic need this offseason. It could be a couple of pieces, but it’s more likely to be a prelude to a scrap-it-all-and-reload offseason next year. Harkless gives them the right pieces either way. He can back up Hedo for a year and then step out into a larger role when the team goes young next season, or he can come off the bench for a few minutes while the Magic make their last run with Dwight. Either way, this team is about to crash and burn and when the rubble clears, Harkless will be one of the pieces this team has to move forward with.

20. Denver Nuggets – Perry Jones III, PF, Baylor

Perry Jones

Maybe this will be the pick where we realize the depth of this draft class. Jones spent a while at the beginning of the season as the presumed first overall pick. I don’t know why, because he wasn’t any good in college. Sure, he looks like he could eventually be unstoppable, but he also looks like he’s playing pretty averagely right now. PJ3 is all potential and no real actual results. The Nuggets are a team built around chemistry, and maybe some of that will infect him. This isn’t a pick that has to be made, but he couldn’t fall much further before a tea took a gamble on him. The Nuggets don’t need a rookie to step in and fill a hole now and maybe Jones can develop a little before stepping into a pro role.

21. Boston Celtics – Arnett Moultrie, PF, Mississippi State

Arnett Moultrie

Looking past this season, the C’s are going to be building around Rondo, Pierce and Avery Bradley and really need to add some depth in the post. Moultrie is a big guy who moves like a 2, similar to what KG was when he started out. Learning under Garnett for a year would be ideal for an active 4 like Moultrie and it can never hurt to play offense with one of the most cerebral point guard in the game. I have a lot of respect of what Doc Rivers does with his payers and Moultrie adds incredible quickness to the post positions that the Celtics need desperately.

22. Boston Celtics – Fab Melo, Center, Syracuse

Fab Melo

Melo has been shooting up some boards during workouts in the most recent weeks. He’s got some maturity/intelligence questions, but you can’t teach size and Doc Rivers is prepared to take care of the rest. With or without Garnett, the 5 is the position on this roster that needs the most depth going forward and Melo is the only center left with potential first-round talent. A lot of other mocks have the Celtics interested in Royce White, but Melos seems to fit a lot better. He defends well and who needs a passing 4 when Rondo has the ball 80% of every possession?

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