2012 SpreeGoogs NBA Mock Draft – Picks 1-7 (Plus Podcast)

There’s something different about the 2012 NBA Draft. I still love drafts just as much, and mock drafts even more, but this time, I found some other people who love mock drafts, and collaborated for a 5-man Mock Draft. And get this, we recorded the whole thing. (click the play button above to hear it)

The SpreeGoogs podcasting department is still in it’s infancy, so you may have to experience some growing pains (especially a microphone that LOVES to pick up on sniffles and keyboards), but trust me, it’s worth it.

Last year’s NBA Mock Draft was only two parts, but this year, it’s twice as good. That’s rights, four parts.  For each pick, you’ll get a brief writeup and several minutes of podcast conversation. With no further setup, let’s kick it off below.

2012 SpreeGoogs NBA Mock Draft picks 1-7

1. New Orleans Hornets – Anthony Davis, PF, Kentucky

Anthony Davis

This isn’t too much of a choice for the Hornets. Davis is the only top-tier talent in this year’s class. He’s got elite defensive skills and should have plenty of room to develop. There are plenty of shots there for the taking on this offense and Hornet’s fans will be thrilled if Davis’s O could come close to catching with his D. To be a star in the Association, you have to have something unique, and Davis’ eyebrows are that thing.

2. Charlotte Bobcats – Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, SF, Kentucky

Michael Kidd-Gilchriest

MKG is my choice for best player in this class. He has everything intangible that you could want and even then, his tangibles are pretty outstanding. He defends everything that isn’t 7 feet tall, he hits the floor, he never stops moving, and he makes the right decisions. It doesn’t matter what your team has, MKG is bringing the rest. Well, the Bobcats have some historically enormous holes to fill, but if there’s any one player in the draft who can fill them the best, it’s Kidd-Gilchrist.

3. Washington Wizards – Bradley Beal, SG, Florida

Bradley Beal

I wish I didn’t have to make this pick, but the Wizards made a trade to force it. In a horrendous pre-draft decision, they turned one player with an impossibly high salary for one year into two players with near-impossibly high salaries for two years. What’s worse, Okafor and Ariza will eat up all the minutes that the developing players need. The Wiz are in a hole where they pretty much have to pick a 2, and Beal is it. What is there to say about B-rad? He’s a three-point shooter who shot about 34% from the arc last year. If you’re going to do one thing well, you might as well do it better than average and he doesn’t. Nonetheless, given the minute and salary distribution of the current roster, they HAVE to pick him.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers – Harrison Barnes, SF, UNC

Harrison Barnes

The Cavs are in a really good spot. They need basically everything except a 1 and it turns out that there are 4 players at the top of this draft who all play that position. They’ll sit at 4 and take whoever is left out of the top group. In our mock, it was Barnes, but it could easily be Beal or MKG, and all of them make the Cavs instantly better. The Cavs have one more pick in this first round (24) and then two picks at the very top of the second round, so we could see a drastically different rotation shape up in 2012-‘13.

5. Sacramento Kings – Andre Drummond, C, UConn

Andre Drummond

If we only count Beal as a semi-bust, Drummond is the first guaranteed bust in this class. The “project center” thing literally hasn’t ever worked out once. You could believe that Drummond is going to work hard and realize his “potential,” but if he were a hard worker, why is he shooting 25% from the free throw line? That’s one of the most fundamental skills in basketball and the only way to get better is to put in the time. I wouldn’t draft Andre Drummond in a “Guys named Andre Drummond Draft.” That’s how little faith I have in him.

6. Portland Trailblazers – Damian Lillard, PG, Weber State

Damian Lillard

Lillard is one of the most interesting prospects in this year’s draft class. He certainly benefits from the lack of strong point guards, and even though no one really knows too much about him, his workouts have vaulted him to the top of the crop. He’s a score-first point guard, which sounds like an oxymoron to me, but some people/teams view that as a real thing. Two years ago, looking at this Blazers lineup, did you really think they’d be going into a draft needing basically every position? It’s amazing how injuries work.

7. Golden State Warriors – thomas robinson, PF, kansas

thomas robinson

While the Warriors do need some depth in the frontcourt, this isn’t really a need pick. robinson has the potential to go #2 overall this year and seeing him fall all the way to 7 has to be attractive to the Ws. Bigs Andrew Bogut and David Lee will surely enjoy having an athletic big guy like t-rob dripping with energy off the bench, but you have to wonder how much money the GSW will invest in these Bigs. This team needs depth everywhere, and if the real draft happens like ours, robinson is too good to pass up.

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