Nineties Non-Sequitur: Pop-Up Video Ruined My Taste in Music

Among the entertainment available in the ‘90s, perhaps the most double-edged was watching Pop-Up Video on VH1. On one hand, it was one of the highlights of ‘90s television and I learned a bunch of obscure facts about some amazing music. On the other hand, I sat through a ton of terrible songs and now I know all the lyrics to horrible music. This post is more about the sad edge of the sword.

The great thing about Pop-Up Video is that it gave us extra things to love about classic ‘90s music. The bad thing about Pop-Up Video is that it gave us reason to keep watching and listening when the music was bad and we should have just changed the channel. Intoxicated off of informational tidbits, I often endured music I OPENLY DESPISED.

Did you have the same experience?

To illustrate the problem, I’ve done a little bit of creative video assembly. Below is the music video for Nickelback’s “Photograph” which is unilaterally recognized as the worst piece of music ever recorded. Why would you click play? I’ve taken the liberty of peppering in pop-up facts.

Seriously, watch it. Do you have retroactive Pop-Up Video Regret? Let me know in the comments.