An NFL Draft Surprise From SpreeGoogs to You (It’s a PODCAST)

Last week at the end of my instant reactions to the NFL Draft picks, I left you with anticipation of some kind of cool surprise. As you may have guessed from the capital letters in the headline, this surprise is a sweet audio one featuring me and Frank (Hardamullin) discussing this years NFL picks with Dan Moore, a dedicated SpreeGoogler who happens to write for a much more real sports blogs over at VivaElBirdos (a STL Cardinals blog) and SB Nation St. Louis.

Dan was good enough to host the two of us for a podcast and you can all listen to it here.

How do you feel about podcasting in general? I listen to them all day and I’m hoping you guys can all kill an hour or so at work listening to us. If you guys are into that kind of thing, let us know in the comments and we’ll give the people what they want.