Where Will Peyton End Up?

The clock is ticking. Peyton Manning has officially been let go by the Colts and, as a true pro, is looking to get himself integrated into another team’s offense ASAP. Manning isn’t going to draw this out, he’s going to rifle through his available suitors like he’s progressing through reads on the field, and within a week’s time we’ll learn of his final destination before entering the Hall of Fame. By this point hopefully you’ve asked yourself, “what would Manning look like in [my team]’s colors?” Well, look no further because here at SpreeGoogs, we’ve used the most cutting-edge, modern technology available to show what Peyton Manning will look like playing for the six teams that might appeal to him most.

6. The Tennessee Titans

Think about it. Manning played college ball at Tennessee and the fans would love to have him back in the Volunteer state. Manning would be a great compliment to Chris Johnson, but overall it’s just not very likely with the direction the Titans seem to be going.

5. The Cleveland Browns

How would Manning fit on the Browns? Well, they have Joe Thomas, one of the premier left tackles in the game to watch his aging blind side. But, as much as Cleveland needs a QB, they need a lot of other things, too so this isn’t a super-likely fit.

4. The Arizona Cardinals

Arizona! Tons of old people go there! Additionally, Larry Fitzgerald has to be an attractive weapon that Manning would love to be able to throw to.

3. The Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City seems like a good option for Manning since the AFC West is open for the taking. Plus Manning would have Dwayne Bowe as a target and basically be his own OC since HC Romeo Crenell is a defensive guy through and through.

2. The Washington Redskins

Dan Snyder wants Peyton Manning like a fat kid wants cake. But, aside from the money the Redskins could throw Manning’s way, what’s the draw? Maybe Peyton would like to be in the NFC East so he could face off against Eli and rekindle that sibling rivalry we’ve talked about before.

1. The Miami Dolphins

Like Arizona, Florida is another place that old people seem to flock to. Manning would get to compete against rival Tom Brady multiple times a season in the AFC East and take the reins of a pretty talented team in search of leadership. Consider how Peyton would enjoy Jake Long’s protection while utilizing both Brandon Marshall and Reggie Bush as weapons. If the sports world isn’t careful, Manning could be another big free agent that lands in South Beach.

Bonus! The New Orleans Saints!

OK, so this one is highly unlikely. The Saints just franchised Brees, so they’re set at QB. But, if this bounty drama shakes the front office enough that they decide to take this opportunity to get a clean slate, canning Sean Payton and forgetting Brees, where would be a better fit for Peyton but inside a dome back home in New Orleans?