A Shane Battier Head Disease Awareness Month Challenge to SpreeGoogs Readers

Typically, SpreeGoogs is the type of blog that makes nostalgic jokes and utterly important sports observations. Typically, our posts are meant to start goofy online conversations that you might otherwise have with your friends at a sports bar. Typically, we don’t ask much of the reader expect a few minutes to consider our ideas and leave a comment. But this month, all that will change.

Help spread Shane Battier Head Disease awareness by re-posting this ribbon.

Starting in March of 2012, SpreeGoogs is becoming an agent of social change and issuing a call to action from all the readers. Last year, in the infancy of the blog, I wrote a piece about Shane Battier Head Disease, something that a lot of the writers on our staff take very seriously. The timing of the post coincided with the NCAA Basketball Tournament, when the entire American sporting world watches hoops. It turns out the blog is now almost a year old and we are coming up on that tournament again, so I’d like to make a post to formally announce SpreeGoogs’ first blog-wide philanthropic campaign.

It is with both a heavy heart and an optimistic energy that SpreeGoogs will be observing Shane Battier Head Disease Awareness Month in March of 2012.

Throughout our coverage of basketball action this month, we will be making sure to spread the word about Shane Battier Head Disease and to reinforce the message that the cure is not only attainable, but known and borderline obvious.

To drive the message home, I’m inviting all SpreeGoogs readers to join hands with me and fight this thing together by uniting for a solid month of spreading the cure. I’ve committed to not cutting my hair for the entirety of March and I’d hope that you too will consider taking up the challenge and personally advertising the cure.

Will you volunteer to be a part of this brave first step into eliminating SBHD from our world. Let me know in the comments.