Jeremy Lin and What He’s Done for Professional Basketball Wordplay, or Happy VaLINtine’s Day

Like it or not, Jeremy Lin is happening. He’s everywhere. A week ago he was sleeping on a couch and now he’s the lead story on SportsLinter, he’s getting All-Star consideration in USA Today and he’s the recipient of MVP chants at home games. He’s living, breathing truth that people who know better will refuse to accept sample size error.

Here’s the thing about Jeremy Lin: He’s been really, really good for a week. There are two parts to that statement. He’s been really, really good. But he’s only been balLin a week. Let’s give him some time to level off out and see how we feel about him after another couple of months.

Jeremy Lin is a genu-Lin out-of-nowhere success in the NBA, but my heart can't handle the puns any more.

For all the statistical overreaction about Lin, there’s also an undeniable feeLin that however short-lived it may be, he’s fantastic for the NBA. People in New York care about basketball again and it’s not because of the two mismatched superstars they brought recently. It’s because of an Asian guy. From Harvard. Who just got cut. From a mediocre team. It genuinely couldn’t have been made up better unless is was Rookie of the Year. For everything he is and for everything he has yet to statistically estabLinsh, Jeremy Lin is exciting.

What’s the most exciting part about Jeremy Lin? It isn’t the way he runs the pick and roll, we’ve seen that before. A point guard who leads his team to five straight wins, that’s not news. A guy who leads his team in points and assists, that’s been done before too. But all of this pales in comparison to the truly unique thing that is going on in the NBA right now — Jeremy Lin is setting an outrageous new bar for unnecessary puns in headLins.

I remember the night after Lin’s first start, the word was Linsanity. And to some degree, it’s still working for me. But that was just the beginning. Since then, we’ve seen the nickname train take a serious downhill turn. Linsanity turned to Linfautation, Lintensity and Linspiration. He traveled to OrLindo and Linnesota in search of the next Linning performance. The puns just kept coming.

Jeremy Lin redefines the levels media will sink for a headline

Two days ago, Yahoo captured the Top 10 Jeremy Lin puns. One day later, the count was already up to the Top 100. People are getting loose with these Lin puns; its borderLin reckless. Linsanity was ok. Linens and Things is not. ManhatLin is acceptable. SchLindler’s Linst is reprehensible. It’s amazing how this name is so easily insertable into Linterally any other phrase.

In typical SpreeGoogs fasion, here are a list of 11 Lin puns that thou shalt not ever use again. The sort of 11 CommandLints:

The Top 11 Irresponsible Jeremy Lin Puns

  1. Jeremy: It’s what’s for Linner
  2. Lin-n-Out Burger
  3. Lintendo 64
  4. The Lin King
  5. Lin Longer and Prosper
  6. The Big Linbowski
  7. Lintestines
  8. Linderella
  9. Linception
  10. SiLince of the Lambs
  11. Lincest/Lincestuous

With Jeremy Lin puns, remember, use caution. You can shake it, but please, look around you, it was broken a week ago.

Feel free to purge all your horrendous Jeremy Lin puns in the comments.