Jim Rome and Other Sports Commentators That Need to be Fired Immediately

Today I read the news that Jim Rome will not be returning to ESPN. Am I sad? Far from it. The guy has been grating my ears for years now, and it’s sad that he will continue to annoy anyone who catches him on CBS Sports Network.

Apparently, he left ESPN partly because of what was written about him in the ESPN book Those Guys Have All the Fun, published last year. Grow a pair dude. If you can’t handle a co-worker’s criticism from time to time, you shouldn’t be working in America.

The following are videos of Rome and other terrible sportscasters. The videos depict why they should be fired more than my words ever could. But I’m still going to include a few words on why they’re terrible.

Keyshawn Johnson – Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a clip of his awful commentary on Sunday Morning Countdown, but this interview will still do.

Chris Webber – so glad he’s getting replaced on TNT this year. He did, however, perfect the awkward “I’m going to talk while facing diagonally away from you” stance.

Colin Cowherd – He once told a caller to shoot themselves and to stab their eye with an icepick. He’s also terribly annoying and apparently doesn’t think there’s much value to SpreeGoogs (video below).

Also can’t support a guy who says this about my boy Price-Daugherty’s hood: “I could argue that if you still live in Cleveland at this point, you’re bringing unemployment on, couldn’t I?” It’s the Rust Belt. It’s 2011. If you live in Youngstown, Ohio, should I have no sympathy that you’re unemployed? You’re kinda bringing it on yourself.”

Reggie Miller – The guy just can’t talk and doesn’t have much charisma, so it creates an awkward viewing experience. Please stick to shooting 3-pointers.

Bob Costas – Don’t get me wrong, Bob Costas, is good. But his monologue at halftime of Sunday Night Football every week is just unneccesary. It’s almost as if NBC says “well, we need something for Bob to do, so we’ll let him talk into a camera for a couple minutes at halftime to keep him happy.”

Tony Siragusa is also on the list, but I couldn’t find a video of his ill-timed commentary from the sideline. Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston, who are both great at what they do, have been dealt an incredibly bad hand having to incorporate The Goose into their broadcasts.

Anyone I missed?