The Player Still Known as Ron Artest and How He Will Be Remembered, Regardless of What His Jersey Says

Ron Artest changed his name over the summer, everyone knows about that. In the moniker stylings of the old 76er that is largely only relevant because of his name (World B. Free), Artest decided he wanted to be called Metta World Peace, as a way of promoting social values. Now every time he does anything on the basketball court, the announcers have to say “World Peace,” which is excellent because it’s a universal truth that verbal repetition is all we need to attain  international accord.

Here’s the problem: The basketball player (and artist too, I guess) formerly known as Ron Artest is perhaps the most violent and more hated players in the Association. I’m not just saying that as a Pacers fan, there’s pretty much an instant connection between hearing the name “Artest” and thinking about this incident:

Ron-Ron might think that we’re seeing this:

… and thinking about World Peace. But we’re not. In fact, we’re still thinking about that one gigantic, irremovable blemish in his playing career. What we’re really seeing is this: