New Air Jordans Inspire Frenzy, Space Jam Flashbacks

There are only a few items that people stand in line for hours to buy: Harry Potter movie tickets, iPhones, Call of Duty and Star Wars box DVD sets (alright maybe that last one is just me).

AND don’t forget Air Jordans. Quite possibly the most-well known shoe ever, Jordans cause pandemonium every time a new edition hits the market. The latest release caused so much pandemonium in fact that people waiting in line and shopping at stores for them started riots and brawls trying to get their hands on them. This was not just one isolated incident – it’s a nationwide epidemic.

Not sure how we let this story slip under the radar for a few days, as it has a direct tie to the 1990s. Let’s take a moment to remember Jordan XI, the defining shoe in the Air Jordan line that was a key contributor to the Chicago Bulls’ 1995-96 championship run and the star of a 1990s cinema classic, Space Jam.

Don't you just feel like you can jump higher after looking at them?