Revisiting Celtics/Knicks as It Would Have Sounded in NBA JAM: TE

The NBA season is officially off and running. It all started with the Celtics/Knicks instant classic that came down to the last second. I watched the entire game on the edge of my futon, and I imagine that I’m not the only NBA fan who is thankful that the lockout has ended and the season has officially started.

I was going to do a recap of this matchup, but you can find those anywhere (I recommend and I really wanted to make the game understandable so I’m going to give you something a little bit more ’90s-friendly.

Like most good basketball minds, I learned the game from a little thing called NBA JAM: Tournament Edition for the Super Nintendo. It’s just how I understand the sport. If you’re like me, then strap on your time-travel boots, because we’re taking a trip back to ’94.

The video below is the game recap that I linked to earlier, only there’s a special SpreeGoogs twist. The video is the actual highlight reel from the game, but the audio is what you would hear if the entire game was played on NBA JAM: TE. Enjoy.