Sports Contracts and Sex – Thoughts on Monta Ellis

Monta, we're just as shocked as you!

I was reading up on the case of Golden State Warriors’ guard Monta Ellis today and aside from the fact that it is sad yet another athlete is texting pictures of his crotch, I started to think about whether teams should start including provisions in contracts dealing with sex.

Companies usually fire their employees on the spot if they learn of sexual harassment or affairs within the office. Its a violation of HR policies and cannot be tolerated because of lawsuits, bad press, perceptions in the office, etc.

So why do athletes get away with it? I get that there are not exactly many people who can replace their skill level – if you fire a VP of company, you can easily get another VP, but if you fire Ellis, you can’t exactly go and find another player you can average 24 points per game in the NBA – so teams are not exactly looking to part with them.

But it still seems unfair that Erika Ross Smith, a former staff member of the Warriors community relations team, would lose her job and have her career forever tainted because of the situation and Ellis still gets to continue to start at shooting guard like nothing ever happened.

My wish would be that NBA teams had the ability to put clauses in player contracts so they could release a player who is sending pictures of his junk everywhere. It would keep athletes more accountable and give the teams and their players a better image. But player contracts are still guaranteed under the new CBA, so that isn’t happening anytime soon.

So Warriors, if you can’t release Ellis because of this, please don’t suspend him either. You’d just be killing my fantasy team.