Video Post: Too Much ‘Football’ on TV

College football bowl season starts today. That means one last chance for teams to end the season on a high note and then complain that they lost too many games during the regular season to qualify for the national championship.

Actually, as a primer for this college postseason, I want to shine a light on something that I think is a serious issue in collegiate football – announcers, analysts, coaches, players and generally anyone involved with college football says the word “football” way too much. How many times have you heard the following phrases:

“This is a great football team”

“He’s a great football player”

“Look at the lines on that football field”

“He made a football move” (this one is actually written into the NFL rulebook)

“He’s got football smarts”

“The best way to win a football game is have a football team full of football players with football smarts that make great football plays on the football field; Football”

Have you heard it? As a man who prides himself on his proper use of the parts of speech, I generally take offense to the forced versatility of the word “football” among all the talking heads out there.

Do I have a solution? Sure. Let’s just remove that word from the sporting broadcast environment. I grabbed a couple of clips featuring examples of unnecessary football usage and put them into a video as an example of what my brave new world would look/sound like. Here it is:

Enjoy Bowl Season.