How come no one is talking about Pete Carroll this bowl season?

I understand that people don’t like to rehash old hard feelings. We all like to move on and try to make peace with situations that depress and despond us.

I know, I would be angry too if I had Tarvaris Jackson as my QB instead of Matt Barkley!

But don’t you kind of want to kick Pete Carroll in the nuts right now if you’re a USC fan?

It seems like many Trojan fans had resigned themselves to the fact that USC would not be going to a bowl game these past two years. It wasn’t that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, right? Lane Kiffin needed some time to rebuild the program anyways, especially since he himself deemed it a far cry from the ballyhooed teams he used to help preside over.

Then the team ended up being really good this season.

Matt Barkley is a legit NFL first round quarterback prospect. Robert Woods and Marquis Lee are studs at receiver. Matt Kalil is a rock at left tackle. Young athletes abound on defense. And they all helped lead the Trojans to a 10-2 record and a final No. 5 ranking in the AP poll, sandwiched in between Pac-12 conference rivals Stanford and Oregon.

Stanford and Oregon are both going to BCS bowl games, with Stanford taking on Oklahoma State in the Fiesta and Oregon battling Wisconsin in the Rose. Can you imagine what kind of debate we would be having if USC was actually eligible for one?

The BCS has ten bids, eight going to conference champions and two for at-large teams. Hypothetically, two teams from the same conference could get each get an at-large berth in addition to the automatic bid the conference champion got. That year could have been this year, since the Pac-12 had three Top 6 teams this year in the final AP poll. But only two of them will be playing in BCS bowls because No. 2 Alabama got one of the at-large bids and  USC is still suffering through Carrollgate.

But can you imagine if USC was eligible? I think there might be some serious debates on which Pac-12 team would get the other at-large bid. USC beat Oregon. Oregon beat Stanford. Stanford beat USC (in triple overtime – I did a few extra sake bombs because of that one). The teams all had similar strengths of schedule, except for Oregon’s high-profile game beatdown against LSU. Stanford has not been all that impressive as of late, and that could have easily had an impact on some voters’ minds. Oregon also would have played USC for the Pac-12 title instead of getting to cakewalk past UCLA, and USC could have easily locked up the automatic Pac-12 bid.

But alas, the debate never even had a chance because of good ole’ Pete. And I am surprised that I have not seen more ill will towards him recently. But you can’t sneak anything past SpreeGoogs, Pete. We remember everything (hence our affinity for the 1990s), and are not above posting awkward photos such as the one below to try and get back at you.

So Pete, you look like a bum here sucking on a whistle with way too baggy pants. Luckily for you, we have no idea what Norm Chow is doing here, so he takes home the title of "weirdest dude in this picture."

I wonder how Pete feels right about now, knowing that he played a huge role in preventing this talented USC team from punching their ticket to a bigtime bowl game. The sad part is that he probably doesn’t care. He has long maintained his innocence in the benefits scandal surrounding Reggie Bush, so he probably would pass the buck.

He also packed up and left right around the time the writing was on the wall, taking the head coaching job for the Seahawks when it was apparent he was going to lose 30 scholarships over the next two years. He had long maintained that he wasn’t going to leave USC, but then he was “presented with an opportunity he just couldn’t pass up.” What, to coach Tarvaris Jackson? To get rained on everyday? Give me a break.

Carroll’s saving grace is that he continues to start Marshawn Lynch, the funniest man alive, at running back for the Seahawks. Tread carefully though, Pete. If that ever changes, you got another negative post coming your way.