A Few Good Things About Frank McCourt

By now you have seen the news about Frank McCourt agreeing to sell the Los Angeles Dodgers. And if you can’t tell that everyone is pretty excited about it, well, I really don’t know what to say. Retake those third grade English comprehension classes maybe?

My post is not going to be why this is a good thing for the Dodgers. There already have been about 223,679 articles written on that very point. Here are links to a few good ones from the Los Angeles Times, ESPN LA and True Blue LA.

Instead, I am going to try and come up with a few good things about good ole’ Frank. The guy is getting pummeled on all sides by media and fans alike, kicked in the digital nuts and probably heckled when he walks outside to get the morning paper (which also runs a story about how terrible he is). Does he deserve it? Absolutely. Does he need a pick-me-up? Probably. Here you go, Frank.

1. Frank has great hair. I have spent at least few minutes trying to decide if Frank uses a ton of gel to get his hair styled so consistently or if it just naturally falls into place like that. Whatever it is, Frank at least looked the part of being a good baseball owner.

Work it, Frank

2. Frank made it really easy to get tickets to Dodger games.

Look at all the awesome seats you could go illegally sit in!

Yes, this was directly related to the team’s sub-par play and fans’ increasing frustration with ownership. But hey, it made buying a ticket in the top deck and then sneaking down to behind home plate a breeze! Of course I never would condone such a thing or do it myself, but you know, in theory…

3. Frank traded for Manny Ramirez. And made the Dodgers a serious World Series contender for one and a half seasons. Also allowed for this moment. Dude hit a pinch hit grand slam on the first pitch he got on his own bobblehead night. Yes, I was at that game. Still the best sports moment I have ever experienced.

4. Frank hired a Russian to tap into ‘V’ energy. Yes, this is true. Frank asked Vladimir Shpunt, a 71-year old Russian who had been to one Dodger game in his life, to channel good energy and thoughts towards the team from his Boston home. It was a revolutionary way to improve a sports team.

5. Frank gave the middle finger to Bud Seligdaily.

Face it Bud, no one likes you either

If there is one guy who is disliked more in baseball than Frank McCourt, it is probably MLB commissioner Bud Selig. So for giving Bud fits for the past year or so, we salute you Frank.

6. Frank valued the Dodgers at $1 billion. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban revealed that he talked to Frank about buying the Dodgers, but balked when Frank told him his asking price was $1 billion. Frank recognized how awesome the Dodgers are, how much they mean to the city of Los Angeles and how valuable they can be if managed well. His ethical shortcomings and baseball acumen will always be questioned, but at least he had a passion for his team.

7. Frank was comfortable with Tiger Woods being around his wife.

Alright, so maybe reason No. 7 was just an excuse to post this picture

If that doesn’t show confidence and security in yourself and your relationship, I don’t know what does. Apparently, it was really the limo driver he had to worry about. Sorry about that one, Frank.

With that Frank, I bid you farewell. If you want to buy the San Francisco Giants anytime soon, I fully support you and am more than happy to write you a letter of recommendation. Or just use this blog post as my official endorsement. Every bit of traffic helps.