Why I Like Tim Tebow? I Don’t Know

Let me start off by saying that I am an avid Denver Broncos hater. The team plays in the same division as my favorite NFL team, which shall go unnamed to preserve my credibility.

My loathing of them grew out of the Shanahan era. Everything about that guy just rubbed me the wrong way. His cocky, “Why, yes, I am way better than you” smirk. His ridiculously good play-calling. His ability to turn every running back not named Maurice Clarett into a Hall of Famer. I loved it when Jay Cutler started to drive him crazy with his “I don’t care if you’re Mike Shanahan” aloofness.

For these reasons I never thought it would be possible for me to actually have some kind of of positive energy towards the Broncos. I guess that speaks to the power of TEBOW.

I was watching the final quarter of the Broncos’ game against the Dolphins on Sunday and I could not help but root for Tim Tebow. The dude is magical. He started completing passes, running for first downs and divvying out fist pumps like it was nobody’s business. It was so fun to watch that I started yelling “It’s TEBOW Time!” after every first down.

Then after the game was over, I sat back and wondered what had come over me. What had possessed me to root for the team I utterly despise? And chant one of those ridiculous sayings that Bronco fans have created for their new quarterback?

I don’t know. I still can’t really explain. Just like I can’t explain how Tebow can pass for an NFL quarterback with that disgusting throwing motion he has. Or how I can’t explain how he can outrun some of the fastest linebackers in the NFL for first downs at crucial moments. Or how he can generate a national phenomenon in the span of a few days.

Insert obligatory "Tebowing" photo here

He just has this “it” factor, and it is a joy to watch. When Tebow is in the game, you know the Broncos have a chance to win. You don’t know how it might happen, but you know it could. It might be Tebow signing himself up to return a kickoff and then running it back for a touchdown. He could throw an interception but then strip the guy who picked him off and run it in for a score. Heck, he could even saddle up on the Broncos mascot and have it carry him to end zone while the refs turned a blind eye.

It’s at those times when people say what just happened? And you say, I don’t know. How did he do that? I don’t know. Why am I kind of excited about this? I don’t know. How is this guy able to win games and Kyle Orton can’t with the same team?

That I do know. Orton is a serviceable NFL quarterback and great for fantasy football, but he just doesn’t know how to win games. Or he doesn’t want to. Tebow is a winner. Denver coach John Fox finally realized this, but the consequence of starting Orton for five games is that the Broncos will have to play catch up in the AFC West the rest of the season.

Tebow’s detractors will say that his rally came against the winless Dolphins. That he will not be able be a true NFL quarterback. Or he’s going to get hurt with the wild-style he plays.

I say he is the quarterback for the Broncos for the next 10 years, and as weird as this might be for me to say, I am looking forward to it.

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