The Best Thing to Happen to SpreeGoogs Since The Mighty Ducks 2

Did you notice anything different about the last post? I hope you did, because it was important.

Here’s why: I didn’t write it. It wasn’t a guest post, like I have been known to hand out. It was actual volunteered content by an author I now consider to be the second official SpreeGoogs writer. My friend Zach from work will be joining the SpreeGoogs writing staff now under the handle Vlade Van Exel.

Not only is it important that you take notice of the new SpreeGoogs staff and welcome him with ratings, comments and re-posts, but it’s also important that you pay attention to who is writing the posts you read from now on, because we are two different people.

Anyways, it’s great of Zach to volunteer to support the cause and you guys should really work to welcome him to the blog any way you can.