2011 Definitive Fantasy Football Positional Rankings – Wide Receivers

1.    Andre Johnson
2.    Roddy White
3.    Calvin Johnson
4.    Greg Jennings
5.    Larry Fitzgerald
6.    Hakeem Nicks 
7.    Reggie Wayne
8.    Miles Austin
9.    Mike Wallace
10.  DeSean Jackson
11.   Mike Williams (TB)
12.  Dwayne Bowe 

13.   Brandon Lloyd
14.   Vincent Jackson
15.   Steve Johnson
16.   Marques Colston

17.   Brandon Marshall
18.   Wes Welker 
19.   Dez Bryant
20.  Santonio Holmes

21.   Kenny Britt
22.  Jeremy Maclin
23.  Santana Moss
24.  Anquan Boldin
25.  Mario Manningham
26.  Percy Harvin 

27.  Chad Ochocinco
28.  Austin Collie
29.  Sidney Rice
30.  Pierre Garcon
31.  Johnny Knox
32.  Mike Thomas
33.  Steve Smith (CAR) 

34.  Hines Ward
35.  Malcolm Floyd
36.  Braylon Edwards
37.  Mike Sims-Walker
38.  Lance Moore

39.  Julio Jones
40.  A.J. Green
41.   Michael Crabtree 

42.  Jacoby Ford
43.  Lee Evans
44.  Davone Bess
45.  Danny Amendola
46.  Robert Meacham
47.  Deion Branch 

48.  Roy Williams
49.  James Jones
50.  Danario Alexander

Thoughts on the 2011 Fantasy Football wide receiver class

  • There are enough good receivers for everyone to grab at least one solid WR1, so take a look at average draft position of the guys in your pick ranges and decide who you like.
  • Of the first tier, only Greg Jennings has an elite quarterback throwing to him (not counting Vick as an elite throwing quarerback) Of the second tier, only Reggie Wayne has an elite quarterback throwing to him.

    The funny thing is that there's a second ball coming that he plans on catching with that one finger.

  • Almost all of the third tier and worse players have at least one question mark. It could be a bad offensive system (Brandon Marshall, Steve Johnson), coaching change (Brandon Lloyd), quarterback change (Kenny Britt), inexperience (Dez Bryant), team change (Chad Ochocinco) or whatever, everyone is going to be drafting WR2 and beyond with some degree of uncertainty. Pick the ones you feel the most comfortable with. For example, I don’t care about inexperience, but quarterback changes really scare me away. Kenny Britt won’t be playing for any of my teams this year.
  • Take a look at these Rams receivers. I have a feeling that Sims-Walker, Amendola, or Alexander will be a top 20 receiver this year. It could be anyone, but I like MSW a lot to be the prime target for Sam Bradford.
  • Remember- bad teams get lots of garbage time chances against a prevent defense. Until the fantasy game evolves further, garbage time touchdowns are still worth six points. WRs on bad teams might have more shots to score fantasy points late in games.
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