2011 Definitive Fantasy Football Positional Rankings- Introduction

Have you ever heard of anyone refer to the American sports scene as “The Big 4?” I have, and it bothers me. Because hockey is a genuine sport and lots of super athletic guys play it, but come on, Big 4? More like Big 3. Or is it?

It’s no mystery, the biggest sport in America is fantasy football. It’s bigger than real football, it’s bigger than America pastime (baseball) and America’s international-competition black eye (basketball) and America’s best-paying job (college athletics). It’s insane how many people play fantasy football. Instead of a Big 4, it’s more like a Big 1 and a “Traditional 3.” That’s how big fantasy football is.

And why wouldn’t it be? It’s easy, it’s pretty heavily based on luck, and it’s a great way to feel like you’re superior to other people who you know. You could even win money.

The most fun and most important day of any fantasy football season is the draft. And nothing is more important in that draft than the one pieces of paper with your rankings of players on it. That’s why SpreeGoogs will be publishing Definitive Fantasy Football Rankings over the next couple of days to reward the loyal readers of this blog with a huge advantage over the other contenders in their fantasy leagues.

How do I rank the players? In a word- Spreadsheets. In two words- Spreadsheets, Math.

I’ll try to add a little commentary for you guys so you don’t get bored, but I’ll post rankings each of the six important positions independently for optimal printing effectiveness and draft-day readability with the players ranks at the top and commentary below.

I know what you’re all thinking – isn’t the first rule of fantasy football rankings that you don’t talk about fantasy football rankings? Yes. But I have a loyalty to my readers and I would break that rule for you. Is it true that the guys from the leagues I play in could come to SpreeGoogs and see my positional rankings before the draft? Yes. Actually, I dare them to.

If you think you have an advantage over me because you know how I rank the players, you clearly don’t understand the strength of my spreadsheets.

Check out my rankings
Running Backs
Wide Receivers
Tight Ends
Team Defenses