Debating the Saints-Raiders game, Chapter 2

Before I get into my fantasy advice later this week, I want to give all of you who read my previous post about potentially going to the Saints-Raiders preseason game a little bit more information.

Hopefully most of you know by now that the Raiders played the 49ers last weekend. It was important because the fans got a little bit too rowdy and someone got shot. With a gun. AND some other people almost died without getting shot. That means severe prolonged beating. Sure, fans of both teams that got into the fracas, but does anyone really think that this is something that happened because of the 49er faithful?

In my mind, the average 49ers fan wears a mock turtle neck and loafers. He casually sips wine while watching games perched on a dock somewhere and has no anus. The average Raider fan is drunk Friday night for the Sunday night games, speaks 14 words of English and comes to the game knowing there’s an 80-85% chance of fisticuffs breaking out.

If you haven’t read about the brawling fans, check out this story.

The question is simple: How does this impact my decision to go to the game? I’m honestly more real scared now than I was before last weekend. What do you guys think? If I die, you’ll be done reading SpreeGoogs forever.

The 49ers fan (left) spends most of the game debating what kind of fine cheeses he can eat without getting his chinos dirty. A typical Raiders fan (right) BRINGS HOMEMADE WEAPONS TO THE GAME.