A Quick Apology and a Huge Internal Dilemma Involving the Love of My Sporting Life and a Potential Death Situation

Let me start this post off by making a formal apology on behalf of the San Francisco Bay Area Comcast providers. I know it’s been loosely more than a month since I posted last, but I’ve been through an awful lot since then and am only now getting enough free time to get SpreeGoogs back up and running.

If you went through a period of withdrawal or some sort of thing like that, I’m genuinely flattered. Don’t worry, I’m back and while I may not be updating this as frequently as I was, I’m updating it period, and that’s more than we could say a week ago. I have a good time writing this blog, and I hope you enjoy reading it, and saddle up because now it’s back on.

I’ll be posting again soon in regards to Major League Baseball and Dan Uggla and hitting streaks and Joe D and the most unbreakable records in sports. But first, I have a more pressing issue:

Here’s the thing: My three favorite teams in professional sports are the Saints, the Pacers, and the Braves, and I grew up in central Illinois, went to undergrad in Missouri, grad school in LA and now I live in San Francisco. So, what I’m trying to say is that I’ve never witnessed any of my favorite professional teams play a game at home.

"What's that? You're 5'9", 145 pounds and BY YOURSELF?

The Saints are my team above all other teams, and I’ve seen them at least  in Indianapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Miami (Championship!). There might be some that I’m forgetting, but you get the idea. I like to see at least one Black and Gold away game every year. Here’s where you guys come in.

A quick look at the Saints schedule this year leaves me basically one choice and it’s exactly the worst possible game atmosphere. Basically, my two options are:

  •    Not go see my favorite team play a game live this year and forever live with the shame of being unsupportive
  •   Go see the Saints play in the Preseason. After a lockout. In OAKLAND.

I would love some feedback on this. They don’t play until preseason week 3 (preseason week three is special for the preseason, but the tallest midget is still a midget) (Plus, the lockout might push the heavy starter minutes into week 4) so I have some time to think about it, so I want you to put yourself in my situation and let me know what’s up.

Before you recommend anything, consider the following facts:

1)    I have a beautiful relationship with the Saints, I should see them when I can

2)    Because of that relationship, the Saints will understand if I sit this one out

3)    There is only one stadium in all of professional sport that houses fans liable to kill a person during a preseason game.

4)    Literally, KILL a person

5)    The Saints are good. I’d hate for them to have another title year and for me to miss out on all of it.

6)    The actual quality of football is going to be shortened-summer-practices bad

7)    It’s in Oakland

8)    Raiders fans

9)    I’m super thirsty to see Mark Ingram in this offense

10)  Saints backup QB Chase Daniel, one of my favorite Mizzou Tigers, will be in line to play more minutes during a preseason game than he ever will behind Drew Brees in the regular season.

11)  Literally. Kill a person.

The floor is open, what do you think?