Mark Jackson and the Gee-Ess-Dub: These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Hopefully most of you heard about the new Warriors head coach. Then again, he isn’t LeBron, so ESPN won’t report it. If you haven’t, then don’t worry because I’m looking out for you.

Primarily SpreeGoogs does not endorse certain teams or players more than others. I try to keep this thing focused on what’s happening in pro sports and more importantly, how it also happened in the 1990’s and is only now happening again.


As much as I’ve tried to avoid making team-specific posts, it’s going to happen right now. For a couple of reasons:
1) If there is any team that SpreeGoogs needs to cover, it’s the Warriors, whose NBA Jam: TE starting squad was the inspiration for this blog and most of my daily life.
2) The Warriors are personally my favorite team in the West and second-favorite team in the Association (behind the Pacers).
3) The Warriors will be getting a lot more of my personal attention because I’m really likely to move to San Francisco in the coming weeks.

If you haven’t heard, the big news is that the Warriors new head coach is going to be Pacers great Mark “Shimmy-Shake” Jackson. This marks a union of my two favorite teams and brings a player who I consider to be one of the top ten point guards in the history of the NBA to an arena conveniently located near me.

Sure he has no actual coaching experience, but I can promise you that he knows what’s going on in a basketball game and can run a team. I watched him do it for the better part of a decade and it’s silly to think that a player with the third-most assists in Association history isn’t capable of at least running an offense from a coaching standpoint. If you don’t buy that, then try this: It’s the WARRIORS, they can’t really get any less relevant.

This is a team with one decently established semi-superstar (Monta Ellis (He’s better than you think)), a young player who permanently looks 13 but has plenty of upside (Steph Curry), the NBA’s leader in three-pointers made last season (Dorrell Wright) and a decent amount of salary space coming off the books.

I’m not saying they’re good. I’m saying that there are some pieces to work with and I’m buckling up for an exciting ride the next few seasons. This team is objectively one of the most exiting teams to watch (super-athletic Bigs in Dave Lee, Biedrins, Ekpe Udoh and a whole bunch of three-point shooters in Ellis, Curry, Wright); Mark Jackson might bring something new to that mix.

Do I think the Warriors are going to contend for anything next year? No. Do I think that they’ll be one of the most exciting teams to watch? Absolutely. And I think that if you read SpreeGoogs, you owe it to the Warriors to watch at least one of their games next season.