Guest Post Contest #2 Results With a Surprise Ending

Thanks to everyone who participated in my second guest post contest, I had a great time watching the first round last night, and it was even more crazy to watch it while keeping an eye on your picks. A lot of surprising things happened, but perhaps the least surprising is that Carp won another contest. The first time he sort of just struck lightning. This time he did it twice, on the 28th and 32nd picks. I really enjoyed his first guest post and I hope you all did too, he will probably deliver again the second time.

Here’s a recap of how everyone’s contest picks turned out with the correct picks bolded. If you didn’t get any right, don’t feel bad. I made an entire mock draft full of picks and you all know how that turned out. Check out everyone’s picks, and then keep reading for the surprise ending.

2. Marcell Dareus
28. Mark Ingram
32. Derek Sherrod
He missed the bunny, but managed to strike gold with the last two. Congratulations, Carp, you are the second-most important writer SpreeGoogs has.

4. A.J. Green
22. Gabe Carimi
27. Brooks Reed
You still got one right, which is more than most people. You were also the clubhouse leader for about an hour, which is still noteworthy.

30. Derek Sherrod
31. Cam Heyward
32. Aaron Williams
I thought this Cam Heyward pick was going to win the whole thing. When he got that one right, I was ready to give this thing to him. And then Carp struck. Still reason to hold your head up though, because I think my last correct pick was #9.

13. Nick Fairley
Maybe you understood the rules wrong, but you still got it right. And you get to cheer for Detroit next year, which is guaranteed to be entertaining with that D-line.

Seth Boner:
7. Robert Quinn
22. Mark Ingram
23. Aaron Williams
It’s ok, Whitey didn’t get any right either. 

30. Akeem Ayers
32. Cameron Heyward
It’s ok, Seth Boner didn’t get any right either. 

9. Tyron Smith
26. Aaron Williams
29. Nate Solder
Smith was the last pick I got right too, except I got 31 other chances and you got 2. I was thinking your Aaron Williams pick had a good shot until Baltimore’s indecision about their cornerback preference made them forfeit that pick.

Overall, I had a good time with this. But are you ready for the twist ending? TWO winners in this one. The drama at the end of the first round was crazy. Carp got 28. Brian picked 31. Carp hammers it home with 32.  Pretty fun stuff. But those two had correct picks considerably later than anyone else, so I’m going to give them both a W and a guest blog post. Generosity is a value that SpreeGoogs takes seriously, and even more than that, having content I don’t need to write is a life-saver.