Immediate Reaction: Carolina Makes the First Overall Selection in the 2011 NFL Draft

It looks like Carolina just took Cam Newton, a player I see as an almost guaranteed bust. What a huge mistake. Or was it?

Did Carolina just pick Andrew Luck? They could have.

Has anyone considered the Panthers may have a mastermind draft strategy that involves two years of draft strategizing? Has anyone considered that yes, the Panthers are bad, but someone in Carolina could be thinking ahead and might just be drafting Cam Newton as a means of locking up Andrew Luck next year?

I’m just saying, is there a possibility that someone with the Panthers is genius enough to draft for next year this year? It’s brilliant. The Panthers are not a one-year turnaround project. This team has a lot of holes and is going to take more than just one good draft before it is a complete squad, so Cam might just be an investment in next year’s draft position.

Carolina may have just made a horrible pick. Or maybe they made a transcendentally genius pick. Or maybe they just made a pretty ok pick that will work out well until his dad finds out.