2011 NFL Draft: 11 Questions that Need Answering after Thursday

Have you recovered from that first round yet? Well you need to, because there are six more rounds to go before I stop blogging. What should you make of the first round? What should you expect moving forward? Here are 11 important answers to 11 important questions that the first round is over.

1. Which player was the biggest steal of the first round? People might say Anthony Costanza, Muhammad Wilkerson or Nick Fairley but they’re all wrong. It’s Prince Amukamara by the Giants with the 19th pick.

2. Which player was the worst pick of first round? It’s a dead heat between Cam Newton and Christian Ponder, but I’ll give the nod to Ponder because we all had a couple of months to accept that Cam was going first. Christian Ponder was a surprise. And a horrible one. Like a flaming bad of dog excrement. On your $100,000.00 rug. And all you’re wearing is your favorite gold-encrusted boots. And it’s tax day. But you didn’t file. And now your favorite team drafted Christian Ponder 12th overall.

3. How many picks do the Patriots have in the second round? It’s supposed to be three, including the 33rd pick (the first one). But Andy Dalton is still available, so someone might be trying to reach for him and the Patriots will probably get their pick and their lunch money as well.

4. Who is the best payer left for the second round? The obvious answer is Da’Quon Bowers. Because he’s the best player left. But that’s too easy, and the SpreeGoogs way is never the easy way, so I’ll give you three more: Akeem Ayers of UCLA, Justin Houston of Georgia and Ryan Williams of Virginia Tech.

5. What team is going to give the Patriots rights to their firstborns on Friday? It looks like the Bengals are really creeping hard on Andy Dalton. And the thing is that they might be able to get him at the third pick in the second round. But Buffalo is a hot mess at quarterback and has the second pick in that round and this terrifies Cincinnati. If this long delay between rounds wears on the Bengals like I expect, they’ll give the Pats their second and maybe a fourth for a guy they could get anyways.

Why would a team want Ryan Mallet's ballistic arm when Andy Dalton doesn't even know what "quit" means?

6. Who is the best quarterback left? People would tell you Dalton, but that’s only because they want to think they’re picking the little guy. Ryan Mallett is the best quarterback left in this draft and he was better than Ponder and maybe even Locker. He might be a little dumb and have some questionable ethics, but he has the best arm in the draft and that’s worth something. Kiper will tell you things like, “Andy Dalton may throw the ball like it’s made of paper, but he’s got intangibles and he’s a winner,” but what he’s really saying is, “Even when the analysts think they’re complimenting him, Andy Dalton still sounds like a backup.”

7. What position is going to get the most attention on the second day? We all saw the D-Line writing on the wall in my mock draft, but look for the attention to move to cornerback in round 3. There were 12 D-lineman at two positions (DT and DE) on day one, and I wouldn’t be surprised if 5 cornerbacks went in round two Friday.

8. I got uncomfortable when Suzy Kolber read that email from Mark Ingram’s dad in prison. Is that normal? As touching as it was, that’s the only reaction that can be had. It was a neat moment for Ingram, but it didn’t need to be on tv. It’s great to cry in public and everything, but if his dad sent him an email from prison, why didn’t he just send it to Mark? Was it really appropriate to send it to him through Suzy Kolber, a reporter Ingram most likely just met? I don’t think so. I think the NFL Draft coverage team was forcing the story a little and it made me uncomfortable also.

9. Can you make a bold prediction for Day 2? Even though Ryan Mallett is the best quarterback left, he won’t get picked in the second round. And no tight ends will be drafted until the final day of the draft.

10. Are any of the players drafted in the first round going to have any fantasy impact? The best chance is Julio Jones, but the reality is no.

11. When will Mel Kiper stop? Unfortunately, he’s not paid to stop.