Contest #2: 2011 NFL Draft Pick’em

Tonight is the night that you will all celebrate Carp’s win in the first contest I held. I’ve already read his guest post, and it’s definitely worth your time. He knows a lot about football and his commentary is certainly different from mine, so I’m excited for all of you to get into that later today.

Amidst all the rejoicing over Carp’s prize for winning contest #1, I’d like to formally announce contest #2 (a contest in which all former winners (Carp) are still allowed to participate). I’m all about the NFL Draft coming up this weekend and I’d love to give everyone a little something extra to for when they watch the draft. Don’t worry, this one doesn’t involve weird ‘90s music, although it could if you let it.

Here’s the basic premise: The person who leaves a comment correctly guessing the latest pick in the first round of the NFL Draft will win either (1) a guest post that they can write and I will post on SpreeGoogs, just as we’ve seen with Ryan Spencer and soon Carp or (2) The opportunity to force me to write a post about a topic that they deem relevant or interesting.*

*asterisk indicates that all topics are in play except I refuse to write anything positive about LeBron James, ESPN, or ESPN’s coverage of LeBron James.

Here are details in full:

  • The winner will be the person who can correctly predict the latest pick in the first round of the NFL draft. By latest, I don’t mean the absolute last pick in the round. I mean if someone correctly predicts the 19th pick and another person correctly predicts the 20th pick, the second person will win. The idea is that the later picks are harder to nail down ahead of time.
  • In the case of a tie, all winners will receive the prize. In the case that no one makes any correct predictions, no one will win and I will keep on posting as though this never happened.
  • The correct pick is tied to the number of the selection, not the team that makes the pick. For example, picking Von Miller to go to Buffalo is not a valid pick. Picking Von Miller to be selected with the third pick is the correct way to do things. Yes, Buffalo has the third pick, but that could be traded. There may not always be a Buffalo pick in the first round, but there will always be a third pick in the first round. Every pick needs two things in some order: (1) a player and (2) a number between 1-32.
  • Participants are allowed 3 predictions, but are only allowed to predict one player per number. This way you can’t just take three guesses at who will be picked 32nd.
  • It takes no real effort to play this one and it’s mostly about luck, so give it a chance. The more people, the better.
You can all look forward my two-part first-round mock draft coming soon and Carp’s guest post coming tonight. So keep checking SpreeGoogs regularly for updates and more importantly, tell all your friends.