Did Steve Blake miss a playoff game because of the chicken pox, or is someone playing a joke on us?

Here’s something that I hope didn’t go unnoticed by all you readers out there: Steve Blake missed Game 1 of the Lakers-Hornets series this year. And I would say that it went underreported, but Steve Blake doesn’t really matter. What does matter is why he missed that game.

He had the chicken pox.

Yeah, the same chicken pox you had when you were 3 years old. Except he’s a grownup. And not just any grownup, a professional athlete. Just to make sure you read that right, I’m going to lay it all out there one final time:
NBA player Steve Blake, of the Los Angeles Lakers, missed game 1 of the 2011 Lakers-Hornets Western Conference playoff series because he had the chicken pox, a disease people typically get before they can read.

(1) Chicken pox is something a person contracts from being around another person who has the chicken pox. It’s also something you only get once. So think about it: Steve Blake had to know that he had never had the chicken pox. He also had to go out of his way  to interact with a real life person who was suffering from chicken pox in order to contract it. Am I the only person who thinks this is bizarre?

(2) I looked for a picture of the chicken pox to put in this post so you would all be reminded of what it looks like, but it is truly a disgustingly ugly thing to have to see with your eyes. You’re welcome.

(3) This is probably the most bizarre thing I can remember causing a professional male athlete to miss a game in a sport. “Steve Blake our indefinitely (chicken pox)” seems like a practical joke. “WNBA Player out for season (pregnancy)” is better, but is unfortunately unique to that league.

Do you remember any players missing games for any stupid reasons? Am I the only person who thinks its ridiculous for an NBA player to be contracting the chicken pox at this time of year? Talk to me down below. Talk to each other as well.