A VCU Conspiracy Theory: The Number 11

Even after watching the whole VCU-Kansas game this afternoon, I still can’t believe that the Rams pulled it off. When it comes to VCU, there really isn’t anything that numbs the impact of their bigger and bigger upsets. I’m typically not a conspiracy theorist, but maybe this is just the year of the number 11 and VCU’s rise to tournament success is a product of a bigger force. I’m sure you all remember the movie “The Number 23” in which a whole bunch of numbers are thrown around and they all equal out to 23 and somehow that means the world is ending or something. If you haven’t seen it, check out the trailer before you keep going.

VCU was established in 1838. (1ˆ8) • (3+8) = 11

I’m not quite sure because I haven’t seen it, but that kind of crazy logic might just be what’s behind the unlikely VCU Final Four berth. This blog is based around the power of the number 11, and the VCU Rams seem to be channeling that number in an unbelievable amount of ways. Don’t believe me, take a look at some of these stats and tell me I’m wrong:

  • The calendar year is 2011.
  • VCU is an 11 seed in this year’s NCAA tournament.
  • This is the 73rd Division 1 NCAA Tournament. 7+3+1= 11
  • The school to have won the most NCAA Tournaments is UCLA, with 11 wins.
  • This season, VCU’s win-loss record is 28-11.
  • VCU’s home record this season was 11-3.
  • According to Wikipedia, VCU’s home games are played in the Stuart C Seigel Center, where the Rams have a winning percentage of .8462, good for the 11th highest home court winning percentage in Division 1 basketball.
  • In this year’s tournament, 11 players have recorded minutes for VCU.
  • As a team, the VCU Rams averaged exactly 11 turnovers per game this season.
  • VCU was an 11-point underdog to Kansas.
  • VCU’s two wins this weekend were by 1 and 10. 1 + 10 = 11
  • The Rams played Kansas right after the Jayhawks beat Richmond, a team that dealt VCU a loss on December 11.
  • On February 2, the Rams lost to Northeastern (who ended the season with an11-20 record) 91-80, a margin of 11.
  • VCU’s 11th win of the season came against James Madison on 2-5-2011. 2 + 5 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 1 = 11
  • In his first season at VCU (the 11th in his coaching career), head coach Shaka Smart was 11-7 in CAA play.
  • The first CAA team to make the Final Four was George Mason, also an 11 seed.
  • In VCU’s win over USC in the First Four, the team recorded 11 assists.
  • In VCU’s win over Purdue, Joey Rodriguez recorded 11 assists while Ed Nixon scored 11 points.
  • When VCU beat Florida State, Jame Skeen scored 11 points.
  • VCU is located in Richmond, Virginia, which was previously the capital of the Confederate States of America, which included 11 states.
  • The state of Virginia has 11 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • VCU’s most successful athletic program is men’s tennis, which has 11 CAA Championships.
  • VCU has international agreements with 11 countries.
  • So far this season, VCU has grabbed 1226 rebounds. 1+2+2+6 = 11
  • VCU Guard Bradford Burgess has made 11 three-pointers this tournament, which is tied for the 11th highest total by any player.

You decide.