2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament: Important Observations 62 VCU in the Final Four

62. VCU 71, kansas 61a) The First Four is going to stick around for a while and b) God hates kansas

a) Let me start off with how this game will affect the First Four in general. To say that VCU was a long shot to make the Final Four would be a huge understatement. No one even wanted them in the tournament at all. VCU was the only First Four winner to advance past the first round of the field of 64, and then the little Rams that could just kept chugging. I feel great for VCU and Shaka Smart and all of the guys on this team, who are incredible easy to cheer for. I couldn’t be happier for VCU; a story like this is why we all watch the NCAA Tournament.

Is that Joey Rodriguez on Shaka Smart’s lap in the conductor’s seat?

The dark gray and thunderous lining to the VCU cloud is that this almost definitely means that the First Four is here for good. I’ve written previous posts about how I feel about First Four, but if you haven’t read those, know that I don’t really like those the idea of the extra four games. I still don’t, but I do love VCU. Confusing, right?

b) The first half of this game was unbelievable. VCU made everything that they put up, especially from the three-point line. Not only, that but kansas turned it over and missed a load of free throws. I’m sure a re-watch of it all would only show evidence of what had to be divine intervention. Those VCU shots fell too easily and kansas made too many unnatural turnovers. I would say it was the perfect recipe for an upset, but it’s really just the perfect recipe for a win, regardless of who the pre-game favorite is. It doesn’t matter who Vegas picks when God is cheering for the underdog.

kansas sort of fought back a little in the second half, but VCU shut the door on the comeback with the same combination of Skeen and three-point shots that got them the lead in the first half.

Again, VCU is one of the most fun teams to cheer for in the tournament in a long time. They always have so much energy — no doubt because of Shaka Smart’s coaching — and with Skeen and Joey Rodriguez in control, this team has bottled all the magic that the NCAA tournament has to offer.

More importantly, We’re about to see VCU and Butler play a Final Four matchup to determine who we will all be cheering for in the championship game. Unless you picked UConn or Kentucky/UNC to win the whole thing, your bracket is done and you can stop cheering for yourself. All you have left to cheer for is upsets and Cinderellas. The good news about the Butler/VCU matchup is that whoever wins, it’s an upset.

Don’t you love the tournament?