2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament: Important Observation 64 Kentucky into Final Four

64. Kentucky 76, North Carolina 69, — In a season when no team could really stand out as the best, our final Four contains no 1-seeds or 2-seeds. This is the first time it’s ever happened like that. Ever.

Seriously, what if VCU wins everything?

What an incredible finish to this UNC-UK game. I’ve been a little on the Kentucky wagon since my actual favorite teams lost and this game was phenomenal to watch. I’ll get to the game in a little bit, but the first impression I had when this game ended was that the Final Four has to be one of the most rare in Tournament history. Not only are there no 1- or 2-seeds, but just one 3-seed, and one 4-seed. Actually, there are only 2 teams that should have made it out of the first weekend. Butler (an 8 ) and VCU (an 11, and a play-in 11 at that) should have been tournament afterthoughts. I’m sure we’ll hear some stats about how rare this seeding combination is all week, but before the stats guys can dig those out, we should already appreciate how unlikely it is to see this many high-number seeds.

If you watched the same Kentucky game I did, then I know you saw Brandon Knight (whom I claim has been the reason Kentucky won all 3 games leading up to this) sink a three-pointer in the last two minutes to end an incredible run that UNC had put together. That kid is just amazing. I feel like he’s gone from decent to approximately the 98% percentile of NCAA players in only 2 weeks, and he’ll need to keep up that pace, because the 99% percentile himself is waiting in the next round.

The interesting thing about VCU/Butler playing in the other Final Four matchup is that the winner of Kentucky/U-Conn is only going to be the giant that everyone cheers to fall in the championship game. I also wonder if the VCU and Butler players are going to spend all week overlooking each other to scout Kentucky and U-Conn, just because the irony would be so heavy.

Another blessing of this bizarre seeding combination is that no one has anything left as far as bracket points possible (with the exception of maybe a U-Conn pick every once in a while), so we won’t have to hear friends or even worse, people we don’t know, drone on and on and the teams they picked and how easy it was. For the first time in a while, we can have a Final Four full of teams that no one picked, and I’m sincerely looking forward to it.

I’ll post some interesting things this week leading up to the Final Four games, so keep coming back to SpreeGoogs for your fill of content that’s kind of about sports.

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