Guest Blog Post Contest: We Have A Winner

It only took a couple of days, but it looks like we have a winner for my first guest post contest. I don’t know how many of you looked for things, but a commenter name “Carp” (appropriate for a person named “Carp”) noticed that the post is just littered with references to Alanis Morissette’s “Jagged Little Pill,” one of my favorite 90’s albums.

Carp. He looks good to me.

To set the record straight, there are 11 (Todd Macculloch) total track names in that post. Let me show you by re-posting it, with certain parts highlighted:

What is SpreeGoogs? It’s exactly what you think it is- a sports blog written primarily as an homage to the PERFECT (1) combination of all skills basketball expressed as a 2-man team of Latrell Sprewell and Tom Gugliotta in the 1995 classic NBA JAM: Tournament Edition. More accurately, it’s about sports and how thinly the analogies between sports and other topics can be stretched to provoke the imagination and sometimes allude to the 1990s.
To get used to exactly the type of content that will later be featured in this blog, the expectations will be listed in a format YOU OUGHTA KNOW (2) how to understand:
1. Power Rankings: Get excited. Definitive, perfect rankings of things related to sports so you can stop wondering.

Maybe I should have thought about how much my readers know about JLP.

2. Top 11 Lists: It’s like a power ranking, but there’s a cutoff. The lists go to 11 to honor NBA legend Todd MacCulloch, whose basketball career may have been cut tragically short by a heroic bout with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, but will never be forgotten. It’s IRONIC (3), but a top 11 list is intentionally a little bit better than a top 10.
3. Mock drafts: This blog actually grew out of an obsession with mock drafts and a desire to publish them. The problem with reading mock drafts all day is that I’m NOT THE DOCTOR (4) and ALL I REALLY WANT (5) is to get a chance to create my own drafts somewhere, and this is it. The problem with most mock drafts out there is that they deal exclusively with young athletes and their teams. But sometimes teams need more than just athletes, so the posts will be on actual players getting picked by actual teams, but sometimes the posts will be the teams mock drafting other things. Like what? Just wait and find out.
4. Topical posts: Whatever is hot in the streets, only slightly more provocative.
At some point, there will be a regular routine for posting the first 3 items on that list. The last one will come regularly in-between those and will depend on current events.
Like any blog, the more you read and contribute back, the more YOU LEARN (6) from it. If you don’t WAKE UP (7) and jump in, you’re FORGIVEN (8), but once you start, the SpreeGoogs spirit will go RIGHT THROUGH YOU (9) too. So get your hands out of your pockets (close, but not quite, still a giveaway) and take part in SpreeGoogs from YOUR HOUSE (10, although have to have the extended version for this), you’ll fall in love with it. Head over feet (11).

Anyways, Congratulations to Carp, who I will talk to about his post and get back to all of you soon.

Stay on the lookout for more stealth 90’s references and contests. And keep reading SpreeGoogs later today to see how I feel about the Final Four berths.